We got it! MP POWER AWARD for best Incentive Travel ProjectWojtek Lewandowski

We got it! MP POWER AWARD for best Incentive Travel Project

MP Power Awards® 2019 - Polish MICE Sector Awards

We were honoured with the main prize in the Incentive Travel Project category for a memorable trip organized for our client AVIVA in cooperation with Norman Benett.

MP Power Awards® is the first Polish competition dedicated to MICE industry which is looking for the best implementations and practices in all its sectors. The aim of the competition is to award the best incentive travels, events and other projects related to event marketing, to identify places with special event potential and to distinguish personalities and industry experts.

MP Power Awards by awarding the best projects and showing their effects aims to promote the professionalism of the MICE industry and build awareness of the value of tools in its field.

The list of winners can be found HERE. CONGRATULATIONS! MP POWER AWARDS laureates list

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