ZerowasteMateusz Moskała



Last June we have had a pleasing opportunity to organise a great international conference. It was amazing and our special guest was Leszek Balcerowicz himself. Our small obsession about taking responsibility for our planet’s well-being got involved into the event. Few print-outs, #app, mobile voting, badges made of #recycled goods and much more. People from all around the world were absolutely impressed by the fact how we tought of taking care of minimalising unrecyclable materials production which would be thrown away after the conference.

However, we could not avoid one factor – banners production. And that was the moment when a Foundation „Nielada Historia” got involved. It took all the „left-over banners” after the event and sewed some stunning, one of a kind sachettes meant to store our clients’ documents during travel. You can become an owner of one of these #zerowaste sachettes by going on an incentive trip! We are also asking everyone reading this: send us your banners and roll-ups gathering dust at your offices or magasines! We, MindBlowing together with the Foundation, will accept them all. You get rid of a problem, we get some fantastic travel sachettes and all together we are saving our planet! 600 65 80 80Hoża 66/6800-682 Warsaw